Welcome to the Compsoc, the University of Kent Computing Society.

We provide a range of facilities to our members, and provide free services to all students and staff at the University. For details of all of these see our WelcomeToCompsoc guide.

For more information on Compsoc join us on KentIRC or email info@compsoc.co.uk .


Join the Society

The society is currently not active. If people want to revive it a good place to start would be #compsoc on KentIRC.


For details of upcoming events look here:

Help and Documentation

The following explains about the society and how to use the services we provide:

Officers Team and Discussion

Discussion pages provide a way of discussing and documenting ideas in a collaborative fashion.

Society Records

Other documents

If you're looking for old content that used to be here but isn't relevant any more, have a look at ObsoletePages.

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